Academy of Indian Classcal Music


The  Opportunity Exists:

Our Academy is providing this opportunity to Calgary’s children and youth to get involved in artistic pursuit of life by joining the spiritual, soul-soothing and delightful Indian Classical Music. 

It is imparting this education so that the coming generations may have a more enjoyable, peaceful and spiritually better life.

The classes are available for children, youth as well as adults of any gender irrespective of their language, age, color, nationality or cultural heritage. 

Time to time, the Academy holds workshops which are conducted by renowned musicians. These workshops not only teach the students/attendees the nuances of music but also provide them with the inspiration and motivation to excel in their chosen field of music. 

Academy of Indian Classical Music is a part of Sarb Akal Music Society of Calgary dedicated to promote Indian Classical Music. The Academy offers classes for Vocal as well as Instrumental  music.

The classes are available for any student interested to learn music irespective of student's age, gender, language spoken, nationality, race, social or cultural backgrounds.

Hindustani Vocal – Three levels from beginner to advance
Tabla – Three levels from beginner to advance 
Sitar – Two levels from beginner to intermediate 
Harmonium – Two levels from beginner to intermediate 
Classes are held at 1210 - 52A Street SE Calgary, Alberta

Email –